Filip Ugran

Filip’s Performances report in Karting

2015 – Champion of German WeisBlau Championship, MINI category, and Roket Rookie
Trophy more info (
2016 – Representative for Romania in FIA Karting Academy Trophy, OK Junior category info
2017 – OK category – Champion of German WeisBlau Championship, KZ2 category info
( – 2nd place in one Bacau race (Romania) – Romanian National
Championship, KZ2
2018 – many races in WSK (a prestigious international category), in stages within the FIA
Karting International SuperCup, and within the ADAC Supermasters Championship of
Germany, KZ2 category – 10th position in the German National Championship, (DKM) KZ2 –
DSKC category. ( – 15th position in the SKUSA – Supernational race in Las
Vegas, KZ2 (

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