Filip Ugran

R01 – ELMS Barcelona

Hey everyone,

The anticipation is building as I gear up for my first race of the season with UNITED Autosports at the Barcelona Circuit Catalunya in the European Le Mans Series (ELMS).

As I prepare to hit the track, I can feel the excitement coursing through my veins. The Catalonian circuit poses a thrilling challenge, but I’m ready to tackle it head-on.

With the support of my incredible team, I’ve been training hard and fine-tuning every aspect of my performance. From mastering the corners to perfecting my race strategy, I’m leaving no stone unturned in my quest for success.

The competition will be fierce, but I’m confident in my abilities and determined to make my mark on the track. I’ll be giving it my all out there, pushing myself to the limit and striving for greatness.

So stay tuned for all the action as I take on Barcelona Circuit Catalunya with UNITED Autosports. Let’s do this!

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